Mandrel Tube Bender Panther PE -50 NC


Mandrel Tube Bender Panther PE -50 NC :      $20,500 AUD ($22,550 Inc. GST)

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    Panther 50 nc mandrel bender

    NC Control Series Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine with Large program Capacity Storage.

    Special Feature:
    NC type machines all use NC panel PLC screen control
    Manual, semi-automatic and full automatic are available.
    Multiple protective devices secure the safety of users.
    Auto detective and error movement indicating functions prevent machine to be damaged by wrong operating.
    Mobile pedal switch and side emergency stop switch more protection.
    The cooling system makes machine running steady.
    the quick tooling change system is favor of production.
    High-rigid mechanism enable to reduce the interference area.
    The panel displays the movement situation of the machine and bending angle.
    Programmable auto detective and breakdown message display, show the wrong and error information in the screen.
    The circuit signal lines uses modularized plugs, easy to replace and repair.
    Build-in battery enables to keep inside data for 3 years memory after turned off machine.
    Code protection function guard the process data.
    Hydraulic System Control: Electromagnetic Valves.

    Specification / Capacity:
    Max. Round Pipe M/S: 50.8x3.0 mm O. Diameter
    Max. Round Pipe Stainless steel: 50.8x2.0 mm O. Diameter
    Max. Square (R.H.S.) M/S: 40x40x2.5 mm
    Max. Round Bar M/S: 25 mm Diameter
    Bending Radius: 20-350 mm
    Bending Angle: 0-190   Degrees     
    Mandrel working distance: 2180 mm
    Max. Bending degrees: 80 p / second
    Bending Precision: +/- 0.15  Degrees
    Hydraulic Motor: 5.5 KW
    Max. Pressure: 12 Mpa
    Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 150 Liter
    Total Width: 850 mm
    Total Height: 1200 mm
    Total Length: 3200 mm
    Total Weight: 1200 Kg

    Length over mandrel, Max. / Min. Bending radius can be made to order based on the customer request.

    Delivery Time 4-6 weeks after receiving deposit.

    Bigger Machines also available, please contact us for more details.

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